What we Offer to our Customer


Single or Multi MNO plastic cards in various from factor 2FF/3FF/4FF for all kind of IoT & M2M devices, specially for VTS device, Industrial router, MDVR, IP Camera, PoS etc . We provides all leading Indian MNO and MVNOs connectivity solutions include Global connectivity for more than 120 countries.


IoTivity one of the leading UICC based MFF2 SIM & Connectivity service provider for AIS140 and IS16833:2018. Our device manufacturers are certified from ICAT and ARAI. More than 40+ organisation are using our Connectivity solutions. Our esteemed customers are supplying devices in ORSAC, CDAC, BSNL, Coal India and many other states.

GSMA Approved RSP Service

Secure and Safe management of eSIM Remote Provisioning from GSMA approved global leaders, for consumer Mobile phones applications. This OPEX model solution for MNO & MVNO to cater their customer with ZERO integration with remote management of eSIM profiles according to the standards specified by GSMA.

Satellite Connectivity

Highly reach Israel based Satellite technology service; specially in Satellite communication services, Spectrum Monitoring, Satellite As A Service, Space System engineering etc. Primarily cater S-band & nanosatellites and software expertise, also provides communications infrastructure and services,   with communication nanosatellites

We can fix all kind of
IoT related connectivity challenges

Universal Discovery Service

Connectivity SIM Modules for IoT device with their desire connectivity and Direct billing between Customer & MNO

LTE Hotspot

Connectivity solutions for Industrial use case on LTE Dark zone.

GSM Extended Coverage

We provide GSM Connectivity on Dark spot area like Mining, forest etc


As a registered M2M service provider and WLAN/WPAN connectivity provider, IoTivity offers clients:

•  Expertise in connectivity solutions, data management, and M2M technology integration.

•  Simplified implementation and management of M2M solutions.

•  Reliable and scalable connectivity across geographic locations.

•  Cost savings through favorable rates and avoidance of infrastructure investments.

•  Robust security measures for data protection.

•  Ongoing technical support and maintenance services.

Partnering with IoTivity provides clients with expertise, simplified solutions, reliable connectivity, cost savings, security, and dedicated support.

About us

IoTivity strives on SIM – SMART, Innovation & Management, with its focus on to bring out the best of the man and machine harmony. We primarily work in machine-to-machine connectivity, as a complete solution provider. We recognize the ever-changing techno-commercial diorama and constantly keep updating ourselves to cater our client’s need and keep their business running smoothly.


HMP House, 4 Fairlie Place,
Mezzanine floor, Room No 3,
Kolkata, West Bengal,
India, Pin-700001


Mr. Bhalotia : tbhalotia@iotivity.in



HMP House, 4 Fairlie Place,
Mezzanine floor, Room No 3,
Kolkata, West Bengal,
India, Pin-700001


Mr. Dutta: iotivity2017@gmail.com



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