Consumer solutions from MNO & MVNOs

  1. Unique QR Code based MNO Profile download from GSMA certified RSP server
  2. Available in post-paid and pre-paid
  3. OPEX model - To avoid huge Capex investment on RSP Platform support to eUICC based consumer phones like iPhone, Samsung etc.
  4. Yearly as well as monthly Flexible contract
  5. Charges as per download
  6. MNO server integration not required / mandatory
  7. Nominal recurring charges
  8. eSIM Providers Interoperable Profile Package : eSIM Providers Interoperable Profile Package have been tested and validated with world largest 3 eSIM provider

Is my Handset compatible?

We understand that the Global eSIM technology is new so, list is given below

How to download the Profile in eSIM?

Suppose a train is crossing 6 countries where along with Locomotive, railway diagnostics system, smart coaches, public info system, water availability and cargo has to track during this travel. To avoid international roaming multi MNO country specific local connectivity can be use. Our SIM applets will automatically connect with the network of respective courtiers.