Wireless Long Distance Water Level Monitoring

Treated water filling measurement in Water Tank

Water Valve Automation

Pump Automation & Health Monitoring

Based on the water supply rule can be define in our pump Automation locally to turn on & OFF the pump automatically along with Pump Health Monitoring.

Hydro Power Remote Water Tank wirelessly

Continuous water level monitoring using Industrial grade capacitive sensor with Teflon coated to protect from any kind of water. RF based wireless Data transmission with minimum 5 yrs battery back up. Fit and forget system with 12 yrs product life. No need to worry for wire cut and all. It is having Siren based alarm system for various local notification along with LED display.

Water Pressure Measurement 4~20mAmp

Our robust 4 to 20mAmp based GSM router can measure accurate ±1% Water pressure measurement of . PSI (Pounds per square inch) / gauge.

Railway Bridge Water Level Monitoring

  1. Railway Board circular No : 2015/CE-III/BR/Water Level Gauge dated 02.07.2015 to All Zonal Principal Chief Engineers.
  2. Identify bridges which are required to be regularly monitored for flooding
  3. Install water level monitoring at railway bridges where water level crosses the threshold limit.
  4. Remotely monitor the water level and integrate field intelligent device.
  5. Store data at central server and raise actionable alert.
  6. Feed data to track management system at defined frequency,
  7. Eliminate round the clock field observation and monitoring.

Reference : Railway Board Circular

Railway Coach Monitoring

  1. Ensure water availability inside the railway coach
  2. Data on actual water level in the coach
  3. Identify coach running low on water
  4. Alert appropriate water management bodies to plan water refilling
  5. Measure water usages per coach
  6. Accurate Data for future planning

Solutions for The Water Cycle